Veva III

Vibration & Tilt Monitor

Your vibration & tilt monitoring just got a whole lot easier.

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How do we simplify vibration monitoring?

Key Features

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Compact & lightweight
for easy installation
Integrated lithium battery with lifespan of up to one year
antenna options
Auto orienting
Single screw 
Integrated & 
activated with
Cloud platform and
cellular service -
no setup required.
ISEE & DIN45667-1 

How does Inzwa improve your ROI?

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Mike Tinney
Kilduff Underground Engineering

"The CLOUD reports were WAY better looking than any reports I had reviewed in the past.  It was all ready pre-packaged and ready to go; I didn't really have to do anything, which was great."

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Banks Irelan,

"It was really easy.  I just put it down outside the house, turned it on, put a sandbag on it and let it run.  It was pretty perfect."

Alan Levine
The Lighthouse Company

"Installing and configuring the system on the CLOUD platform was easy and fast.  And having a flexible antenna option made the Veva III ideal for this project."

What our clients are saying.

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"Inzwa’s done a great job designing a product that can be unboxed and set up in minutes.  Nice job, Inzwa."

Are you ready to lose the headaches?

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