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Joe Francisco, project management and business development lead with Fenagh Engineering & Testing, likes to be in control.  “We like to control what happens on our projects and be as hands on as possible," he explained.  So when a long-standing client asked the firm to oversee vibration monitoring on the construction of the new City Center in Dedham, MA, he knew two things:  one, that they’d do it themselves vs. subcontracting it out; and two, that he’d want to use Inzwa’s Veva III vibration monitors and Cloud platform to do it.

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Francisco had handled past vibration monitoring projects differently, and with less-than-satisfactory results.  When renting and installing legacy geophone devices on a project in 2016, he had found the installation to be cumbersome and the reporting configuration and generation high maintenance.  “It took about a week to set up and configure, to get comfortable with the system, and get the reporting we needed.  Plus having to get them hooked up to power on site was another challenge,” he said.  “It was also kind of difficult to configure and generate reports ourselves.  The next times we were asked by a client to do vibration monitoring, we were reluctant to do it.”

Other vibration monitoring projects that were subcontracted out posed other challenges.  In addition to not giving him full visibility and control of the monitoring and reporting, “It was a struggle at times to get more than the basic, rudimentary reports, “Joe observed.  “Or the specific reporting we needed when we needed it.”

Solution:  Inzwa Made Vibration Monitoring Simple

For the 200,000-square-foot City Center project, Francisco wanted full control and full visibility of the vibration data, with the ability to remotely configure and distribute the reporting he needed, when he needed it.  He installed three Inzwa Veva III devices at strategic locations on site prior to and during the pile driving phase of construction – a critical phase, given that several abutting businesses (including the city’s new City Hall) had expressed significant concern over the potential for disruptive vibrations during this process.  He managed the configuration and reporting requirements with Inzwa’s Cloud platform, with which the devices came pre-configured.

Installation was easy: “The Inzwa Veva III monitors essentially came ready to go,” Francisco reported.  “We walked the site with the geotechnical engineer of record and placed the devices in the optimal locations.  With no power source on site, not having to attach them to an external power source was a big plus.”  How long did it take to install the three devices?  “About an hour,” Francisco stated.

Activation was easy:  Coming already configured with the Inzwa Cloud made getting


 the devices up and reporting fast and simple.  “Inzwa was great at helping with advice on best practices for how they should be oriented, helping us to configuring the system, and setting up the reporting,” Francisco reported. “It was just a simpler process all around, compared to the legacy geophone-based system. “

Customized reporting was easy: When renting  the legacy devices, Francisco explained that they would have to go on site with a computer and take the data off of the device – or bring it back to the office. Not so with Inzwa.  “The ability with the Inzwa Cloud to remotely generate a specific report with custom parameters, whether that’s one monitor over one day, or multiple monitors over the span of the project, and to do so as needed gave us more options in the reporting,” he said.  “And the ability to manage the users and the distribution groups was very easy, too.”

Report distribution was easy:  Generating a report was fast and simple – often taking less than 30 minutes.  “It’s very beneficial with your system, with access to the dashboard, and generating reports is simple, adding new users is simple, it was a big benefit rather than having to go through an intermediary.”


The Inzwa system was installed and monitoring baseline levels for approximately one month prior to the pile driving phase of the project.  Once pile driving commenced, Fenagh experienced no issues in the vibration monitoring or reporting, and Francisco was able to monitor the vibration levels directly for their client, in real time, easily and quickly generating and distributing the reporting needed to all stakeholders.  “Our ability to closely monitor the activity, get reports out quickly, and answer any questions that come up in real time, is critical to the success of this project,” he said.

“The experience with Inzwa has been excellent,” Francisco concluded.  “So much so, I recommended them to our New York office for a project they have coming up.”

The experience with Inzwa has been excellent. 

So much so, I recommended them to our New York office for a project they have coming up.

Joe Francisco

Fenagh Engineering & Testing

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