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Vibration Monitoring Applications

Inzwa's cloud monitoring system allows you to easily record and monitor a wide array of geotechnical devices at any time and on any screen. Recorded data can be viewed in real time, helping you to adjust activities before concerns develop. Alarms can be set based on easily pre-configured threshold levels and customized by job site and geotechnical monitoring device. Notifications can be sent to you, or to any party you select, via email and/or SMS, and an historical record of data can be archived to protect you from any future liability.

Inzwa provides integrated vibration monitoring and remote sensing solutions for the management of tunneling projects for risk mitigation, project safety and compliance.


Inzwa provides integrated vibration & tilt monitoring as well as centralized, remote sensor management for civil engineering projects, assuring project safety and compliance parameters are monitored continuously for overall project safety and risk mitigation.

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Inzwa delivers real-time data insights for environmental impact, risk mitigation, and safety management for construction sites large and small. We help you proactively monitor existing structures to reduce risk by monitoring and distributing real-time data to managers and crews to help them make on-site decisions and verify compliance with noise and vibration ordinances.

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Inzwa Cloud can help you monitor ground, channel, and surface water flows to check for early signs of compromised structural integrity or risk to operational performance.

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Inzwa provides integrated vibration and tilt monitoring and remote sensing solutions for the active management of excavation and ground improvement projects, as well as continuous performance monitoring of earth retention systems for safety and compliance.

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Inzwa provides centralized remote sensor management of mining activities such as blasting, drilling, monitoring of water levels, dynamic compaction, and more.  This safeguards perpetual project safety and ensures that compliance parameters are monitored continuously for overall project risk mitigation.  

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