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Headaches from your geotechnical monitoring stop here.



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Real-time reporting, any screen, any time.

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Our device-agnostic geotechnical monitoring platform, configured and reporting in minutes.
Easy, automated reporting.
Your days of wrestling your data are done.

Tired of spending hours (or days) wrestling with disparate systems to get the geotechnical data reporting you need?  The Inzwa Cloud's "plug-and-play", device-agnostic platform makes that a thing of the past. (Really. We do.)

Our Cloud's ecosystem is device agnostic, not locking you in like other platforms.  We integrate seamlessly with third-party geotechnical monitoring sensors, allowing you to continuously log, communicate, process, and provide real-time data visibility and comprehensive reporting of all the devices you're managing on the platform.

We currently support a growing list of geotechnical monitoring devices as well as our own.  If you don't see your device listed, just ask! It's likely that our flexible platform (and people) can easily add it.​  To see the platform in action, click the link below to watch our demo.

Supported Geotechnical Monitoring Devices

Vibration Monitoring:

  • Inzwa Veva 3 Vibration Monitor

  • Instantel Micromate

  • Instantel Minimate Plus

  • Instantel Minimate Pro

  • Syscom MR3000C

Dust Monitoring:

  • Aeroqual PM10 Dust Monitor

Sound Level Monitoring:

  • Sonitus EM2030 Sound Level Monitor

  • B&K 2250 Sound Level Monitor

Total Station Monitoring:

  • Topcon MS Series Total Stations

Tilt Monitoring:

  • Inzwa Veva III Tilt Monitor

  • Worldsensing LS-G6-INC15-I wireless tilt monitor

Crack Gauges:

  • Avongard Crack Gauges

Don't see yours? 

Just ask -

we can likely add it.

“Our ability to closely monitor the activity, get reports out quickly, and answer any questions that come up in real time, is critical to the success of this project.  The experience with Inzwa has been excellent.”

Joe Francisco

Business Development & Project Lead

Fenagh Engineering

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Click on any image below to learn more.

Total Station
Crack Gauges

No more cobbling together reports, taking hours and compromising your productivity (not to mention blood pressure). With your geotechnical monitoring equipment managed on our device-agnostic Cloud platform, you'll be able to:

  • Set up your reporting requirements and alarm thresholds in minutes, not hours.

  • Easily schedule standards-compliant, automated weekly reports to be emailed to your projects' stakeholders.

  • Monitor and comprehensively report measurements from all your Cloud-managed geotechnical monitoring devices in real time and from any screen.

Automated reporting without the headaches.

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They were WAY better looking than any reports I had reviewed in the past.  It was all ready pre-packaged and ready to go; I didn't really have to do anything, which was great.

Michael Tinney

Chief Engineer

Kilduff Engineering

M Tinney_geotechnical_engineer.jpg


Inzwa can help you save on your geotechnical monitoring costs.

Monitors & reports Instantel, Syscom, and other devices.
Automated Summary Reporting
Easy, customizable reports sent to your stakeholders
Map & Plan Layouts
Visualize devices on maps or site plans (images or pdf)
Notify stakeholders by email & sms using distribution groups.
Automated Device Detection
Automatically detects devices making them available for your projects - no setup necessary
Set Up
Easy-to-use wizards for setting up clients, projects and assigning devices.

Want to learn more?


For a free demo, to ask about our No Headaches Guarantee, or to inquire about financing or purchase options, please click here.