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Simplify Your

  • All your geotechnical sensor data in one place.

  • Intuitive, instantly accessed information.

  • Straightforward pricing.

Welcome to  the new standard in geotechnical monitoring.

All your site data at your fingertips.

Monitor with virtually any device and see your data centralized in one place, in real time, on any screen.

Analytics at your fingertips.

Analyze your data with intuitive dashboards, visualizations, and analytical tools.

Alerts at your fingertips.

React instantly to sensor alerts with custom alarm notifications - email, SMS, or both -

to you and key stakeholders.

Customized reports at your fingertips.

Use our Report Template Builder to develop customized automated summary reports quickly and easily.

Simplified pricing at your fingertips.

No incremental platform fees, automated reporting upcharges, modules pricing, etc.  Nada. Zilch.  Wanna know more?

Connecting Dots

Integrate with any sensor.

Inzwa Cloud is device agnostic, so you can seamlessly integrate with all your geotechnical instrumentation - without the long configuration time and even longer learning curve of other systems.  

Want to try it out?  Create a free account on our platform and test drive it yourself.

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What people are saying

Raymond Yang

"The Cloud is super convenient to access and set up.  It’s simpler to have just one platform.  With our old system, we had to set the devices up in the field, then call in to check and confirm the devices were running on the desktop software program, and then have to check if the data was sending over to cloud platform.  None of that's necessary with the Inzwa Cloud."

Michael Tinney
Kilduff Underground

"They were WAY better looking than any reports I had reviewed in the past.  It was already pre-packaged and ready to go; I didn't really have to do anything, which was great."

Joel Kurtz
DRW Associates

"With Inzwa, I was able to program everything in the Cloud platform before I left for the site. Once there, all I had to do was drill a hole, bolt it to the wall, turn it on and confirm it was connected from my tablet. That was it."

Are you ready to lose the headaches?

We should talk.

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