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Your geotechnical monitoring, simplified.

Our Cloud's ecosystem is device agnostic, not locking you in like other platforms. We integrate seamlessly with third-party geotechnical monitoring sensors, allowing you to continuously log, communicate, process, and provide real-time data visibility and comprehensive reporting of all the devices you manage on the platform.

Key Features

Centralized Sensor Management

The Inzwa Cloud allows you to connect to any sensor, read any data type, and monitor and validate incoming raw data.

Email & SMS Alerts for You and Your Stakeholders

Set alerts to be distributed to you, your team, and your stakeholders via email, text, or both.

Fast & Easy Automated Summary Reporting Included.

Design and issue automated summary reports to stakeholders in minutes.  

See our Report Template Builder in action below.

Automated Device

Automatically detect devices making them available for your projects - no setup necessary.

Intuitive Visualizations for Quick Analysis

Visualizations on maps, project plans, or your own uploaded images can help you make sense of complex data quickly - and make decisions with confidence.

Wizards Make Setup Easy

Easy-to-use wizards for setting up clients, projects and assigning devices.


Inzwa Report Template Builder

Environmental monitoring software tutorial
Report Template Builder

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