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Our Mission: 
To Simplify Your
Geotechnical Monitoring

At Inzwa, we're all about taking the headaches out of your geotechnical monitoring.  We guarantee it.

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Our Story

In 2017, our founders toured a construction site and witnessed an engineer setting up a geophone-based vibration monitoring device.

It was heavy and cumbersome.

It was difficult to attach to a power source.

Batteries and modem weren't integrated.

It needed a solar panel to extend its life.

It was hard to configure and activate.

It took hours.


We knew that there was a better way.


So we set about to create it.

And so Inzwa was born, with smart IIoT devices that are easy to install and activate right out of the box, and a plug-and-play platform that can host a plethora of third-party devices for 24/7 visibility of all sensors on a site.

Why?  Because we’re committed to taking the headaches out of your geotechnical monitoring.

Our Promise

Hurdles, complexities, frustrations, tedium–how did chasing your dreams turn into chasing to-do lists and mundane tasks?

At Inzwa, we believe there’s a better way.

A way to turn time-consuming, repetitive chores into a path to greater challenges and success.

How? By making it easier to gather and report environmental data, with user-friendly devices and a platform so clear and simple, you don’t have to be an engineer to use it.


The result? Limits are lifted, you get time and bandwidth back, which means you get better ROI–and more time to focus on bigger, more meaningful challenges.


This is our pledge to you: No more headaches.


We guarantee it.

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Are you ready to
lose the headaches?

We should talk.

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