Supported Devices:
Dust Monitors

Aeroqual PM10

The Inzwa Cloud platform integrates seamlessly with the Aeroqual PM10 dust monitor, allowing 24/7 visibility and reporting of air quality data from any screen.

The Dust Sentry is a modular air quality monitoring instrument for the measurement and compliance of specific dust and particulate designation. It provides real-time particulate measurement of PM10 using a well proven near forward light scattering nephelometer and high precision sharp cut cyclone – with a measurement range of 0-60,000 μg/m3. By changing the sharp cut cyclone, the Dust Sentry can be configured to measure PM2.5, PM1 or TSP.

Packaged in a robust weather-proof, lockable enclosure, the Dust Sentry is light enough for one-person site installations. Integrated solar shielding prevents the enclosure from overheating in climates with high solar irradiance.*

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