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Environmental monitoring, simplified.


Inzwa Cloud

Environmental Monitoring
Sensor Management Platform

  • All your geotechnical monitoring sensor data in one place.

  • Prebuilt dashboards & summary report templates.

  • Intuitive data visualizations.

  • Easily create customizable formulas.

  • Straightforward pricing.  No platform fees.

  • Want to try it out? No problem.  Access your free trial account here.

Veva III

3-in-1 Environmental
Monitoring Sensor

  • Vibration, tilt or sound monitoring in one compact, easily installed device.

  • WiFi enabled.

  • Fully integrated power & modem.

  • Can be hosted on 3rd-party platforms.

  • Installs & activates in minutes.

  • Battery life up to 8 months.

  • Auto-orienting.

  • ISEE, DIN45667-1 &IEC61672 compliant.


Supported Environmental
Monitoring Devices

Geotechnical monitoring devices we support include:

  • Vibration

  • Tilt

  • Sound

  • Dust

  • VW sensors

  • Total Station

  • Piezometers

  • Inclinometers

  • Extensometers

  • Crack gauges

  • Load sensors

  • And more

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Don't see yours? Just ask!
We're adding devices daily.

Environmental Monitoring
Industry Applications

Construction Geotechnical Monitoring

construction geotechnical monitoring .png

Civil Engineering Geotechnical Monitoring

Civil engineering geotechnical monitoring.jpg

Tunnel & Subway Geotechnical Monitoring

Tunnel geotechnical monitoring.JPG

Dams & Levees Geotechnical Monitoring

Mining Geotechnical Monitoring

Mining geotechnical monitoring.jpg

Excavation Geotechnical Monitoring


What our geotechnical monitoring clients are saying

M Tinney_edited.jpg
Mike Tinney
Kilduff Underground Engineering

"The CLOUD reports were WAY better looking than any reports I had reviewed in the past.  It was all ready pre-packaged and ready to go; I didn't really have to do anything, which was great."

Joel Kurtz, DRW Associates_edited.jpg
Joel Kurtz
DRW Associates

"Four Inzwa units?  I can carry them in a backpack... and every time I don’t have to make a service trip, I know I’m saving money."

Zachary Carr
FK Engineering

"With the criticality of monitoring water levels 24/7, Inzwa saved my bacon and reduced my stress level that weekend."

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