Veva Features

ISEE & DIN compliant monitoring and alarming The Inzwa Veva 3 vibration monitor meets ISEE and DIN45667-1 compliance specifications, provides peak particle velocity histogram recording and event monitoring with pre-trigger alarm recording.
Lightweight and Rugged Weighing just two-and-a-half-pounds, the Veva 3 mounts quickly with its single through hole design. The device meets IP67 requirements in a package rugged enough for most environments.
LTE Cellular Communications The Veva 3 comes activated with integrated LTE cellular communications requiring no setup, configuration or mobile account.
Long battery life The Veva 3 contains four D-cell Lithium batteries giving up to a year of uninterrupted monitoring. Batteries are easy to replace and can be done in the field.
Inzwa Cloud Integration Your Veva 3 vibration monitor arrives integrated with Inzwa Cloud - no setup required! The Veva 3 also integrates with many GIS systems.
Remote device management Manage your Veva 3 with Inzwa Cloud or using our API. Software updates are a cinch too with over-the-air programming.

Inzwa Cloud

Cloud Benefits

Maps and Plan Layouts

Visualize devices on maps or site plans (images or pdf).

Manage Instantel® Devices

Inzwa Cloud not only manages our devices, but manages devices from Instantel® and many others.

Automatic Device Detection

Inzwa Cloud automatically detects devices making them available for your projects - no setup necessary.

Automated Summary Reporting

Scheduled delivery of reports to your stakeholders.

Email Notifications

Notify stakeholders by email using distribution groups.

Setup Wizards

Easy-to-use wizards for setting up clients, projects and assigning devices.