Supported Devices:
Soil Monitoring


d-EXTO Extensometer

YieldPoint’s unique 1 to 6-Point Multiple Rod Extensometer (d-EXTO) combines a traditional Multi-rod design and digital signal processing to result in dramatically improved accuracy and reliability compared to similar priced existing technology. This high precision digital instrument comprises up to six (6) Linear Variable Induction Transducers(LVIT) and an on-board digital temperature sensor.

Design features of the d-EXTO include a tough fiber glass tube, stronger and durable than polyethylene cover; An internal rubber spacer ensures that central core which will not be damaged by shear movements of up to 10mm; hermetically sealed electronics that operate indefinitely when submerged in water and robust torsionally straightened stainless steel rods.

The Inzwa Cloud platform integrates seamlessly with the d-EXTO soil monitor, allowing 24/7 visibility of soil stability readings from any screen.

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To learn more about the Inzwa Cloud's device-agnostic platform, click to watch our demo below.

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