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Inzwa Integrates with Ackcio Monitoring Solutions for Simplified Sensor Management

Updated: May 16, 2023

We are very pleased to announce Ackcio as Inzwa’s newest Technology Partner.

With this partnership, geotechnical engineers using a broad array of measurement devices can now monitor and manage their data wirelessly and in real time via the Inzwa Cloud’s seamless integration with Ackcio BEAM. This integration empowers users with real-time data intelligence and centralized, multi-sensor management to help them manage risk, increase operational efficiency, and improve productivity.

This partnership represents a significant expansion of the Inzwa Cloud’s connectivity to and integration with a broad array of geotechnical monitoring devices, including piezometers, inclinometers, vibrating wire sensors, load cells, water level sensors, pressure sensors, and more.

“Our seamless integration with Ackcio BEAM enables Inzwa Cloud users to access and manage data from a plethora of different types of geotechnical devices,” said Michael Crusi, co-founder and chief technology officer for Inzwa Technologies. “Users can now see, manage and report on a wide range of devices in real time on our Cloud centralized sensor management platform, making it a faster, easier and more efficient way to capture and report mission-critical data.”

Ackcio’s co-founder and chief technology officer, Mobashir Mohammad, explains why this collaboration between both companies was beneficial and ideal. “We strive to make geotechnical monitoring simple. With this collaboration, we are one step closer to that vision. Users can now connect and visualize the complete suite of Ackcio Nodes and the connected sensors on Inzwa’s cloud offering.”

About Ackcio: Ackcio, supporting clients worldwide from its headquarters in Singapore, builds reliable wireless data acquisition systems for industrial monitoring applications. Ackcio products and solutions are heralded for their seamless connectivity in above and underground environments and in many industries, including construction, infrastructure, mining, and rail.

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