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Gerald Verbeek, MsC., principal of Verbeek Management Services, has been an expert in vibration monitoring for nearly four decades.  In this paper he contends that the "common wisdom" that MEMS accelerometers should not be used for construction and traffic vibration monitoring is outdated and untrue with today's advanced technology, and supports this position with use-case results.

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MEMS vs Geophones in Vibration Monitorin

MEMS technology has revolutionized the development and market for sensors in recent years by providing fast-responding and highly reliable sensing devices that are a fraction of the size that was previously possible.

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Gerald Verbeek received his BSc in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology in 1981 and his MSc in Structural Engineering from the same university in 1983. After spending about 20 years in the Oil and Gas industry, Verbeek started a management consulting business, Verbeek Management Services (VMS), in 2004. Verbeek is active in various organizations, such as DFI (where he previously served as the chair of the Testing & Evaluation Committee), TRB (as a member of AKG70, the standing committee on foundations of bridges and other structures), PDCA (where he serves on the Technical and the Education Committee) and ASTM (where he is a member of D18, the committee on soil and rock and the chair of D18.01, the committee for surface and subsurface characterization).

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