Lung Tsun Bridge Excavation

Helping A City 

Preserve its History


To most, they would appear to be just buried stone slabs. But to Hong Kong’s Antiquities & Monuments office, they were a bridge to Hong Kong’s buried past.

A bridge that needed to be preserved.

Built in 1875, the Lung Tsun Stone Bridge originally linked the famed Kow- loon Walled City to a pier leading into Kowloon Bay. Built from granite and wood and spanning 980 feet, the bridge became notorious as a hotspot for foreign gamblers arriving in Hong Kong in the late 1800’s. During Japan’s occupation of Hong Kong during WWII, however, the bridge was completely buried to make way for the construction of the Kai Tak Airport. The bridge lay forgotten and entombed until 2008, when the airport was relocated and remnants were unearthed during an environmental impact study of the area. Recognizing their historical significance, officials developed a plan for the bridge remnants to be preserved in-situ as part of the redevelopment plan for the site.

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Solution:  Inzwa Veva III provided

real-time, continuous monitoring

In 2018, utility cables needed to be run in close proximity to a section of the unearthed Lung Tsun Stone Bridge historic site. Concerned about the drilling’s potential impact, construction engineers needed continuous, centralized and real-time monitoring during this crucial phase of construction to ensure the structural integrity of the relics was protected.

They chose to install three Inzwa Veva III vibration monitoring devices. Wireless, cable-less, minimally invasive and easy to install, they were also waterproof and durable, meeting IP67 standards. In addition, the engineer on site overseeing the continuous monitoring could receive real-time, centralized data sent directly to her smartphone, instead of having to walk to each device to check its status directly.


This phase of construction required centralized, real-time and continuous monitoring during the drilling process. During this three-week period, the Inzwa Veva III devices worked continuously, reporting remotely and in real time. One even became submerged in water and buried mud; it never stopped recording or transmitting.


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